Recollections of YPEC and YTEC 1976–1986

In the early 1970s Roy Manns had founded the Independent Plastics Engineering Centre (IPEC) at Newhaven, Sussex.

In May 1973 the Fulmer Research Institute (Fulmer) had merged with the Yarsley Research Laboratories, as the basis for diversifying into polymeric materials. Yarsley included a subsidiary Yarsley Testing Laboratories……. READ MORE

It’s an Ill Wind……..

As part of the knowledge exchange program that in 1981 brought two Chinese engineers to Fulmer for a year, it was necessary to prepare small batches of master alloy additions to the base metals for further processing prior to mechanical alloying. The nature of the alloys required meant that the master alloys of iron/yttrium……. READ MORE

Another Little Job for Tech Services

In 1978 the Very Large Crude Carrier ‘World Horizon ‘ was struck by what was reported to be a ‘killer wave’.  The ship was able to continue without incident to Cape Town where the full extent of the damage……. READ MORE