The Fulmer Research History Group (FRHG) was formed in early 2016. It resulted from a long-standing desire by a couple of ex-employees to ensure that the history of the unique and ground breaking Fulmer Research Institute was not lost.



Now a group of 6, our aims are to create and preserve a permanent record of the Fulmer Research Institute and its subsidiary companies, its history, people and achievements:

• by collecting and keeping Fulmer documents and artefacts
• by creating and maintaining a machine-readable archive of articles relevant to Fulmer and its people
• by publishing on the web and in print
• by publicizing our activities and results.

And to facilitate social contact and communication between ex-Fulmer people:

• by keeping a contacts list of interested ex-Fulmer people
• by keeping those people informed by newsletter of what we are doing

If you would like to contribute your memories, donate artefacts, or just receive our occasional newsletters please use the Contact us page to let us know.


Ron Lewin, David Davies, Mike Dewey, Brian Knott, Andy Pye, Brian Tranter