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This site is about the Fulmer Research Institute and its sister organizations including the Yarsley Technical Centre.  It is part of a project aimed at recording and celebrating Fulmer’s life and achievements.  The site has been set up by the Fulmer Research History Group (FRHG), made up of a few volunteers who used to work at Fulmer*.

Fulmer was the first contract research organization in the UK.  It undertook many important projects and services for industry and government in materials technology, physics and chemistry from 1945 when it was founded to 1990 when it ceased to trade – a period of rapid scientific and technological progress.

The Fulmer Research Institute wikipedia article gives an outline of its history.

If you worked at Fulmer or sponsored work there or have any other association with Fulmer, we would welcome your help.  We would very much value any contribution you can make of documents, pictures, newspaper articles or informal anecdotes to do with Fulmer’s work or social life.  Please let us know if you are interested in taking part so that we can progress the project.  You may like to be placed on our circulation list.  If you are in touch with other Fulmer friends we would also like to hear from them.

Also part of our project are:

The photographs presented on this website are from a number of sources, including documents produced by Fulmer Research Institute as well as others provided by individuals associated with the Institute.  We would love hear from you if you can add to this collection.  Just visit the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Finally, as part of our efforts to engage with those with an interest in the history of Fulmer, there is an irregular History Group News update of our activities.

*David Davies, Mike Dewey, Brian Knott, Ron Lewin, Andy Pye and Brian Tranter