Back row, l>r Tom Heal, Grev Brook, Eddie Sugars, GI Williams
Front row, l>r Dr Duckworth, Mrs & Mr Liddiard, Andrew Sully

The Retirement of Mr Liddiard, 1965

Mike Stuart receiving the watercolour painting commemorating his 20 years of service from William Morton, who was chairman from 1958 to 1974

Barry Bines, Roy Ayling, Colin Hayman, Willie Warr, ?, Eilenn Adams, Iris Monks, Peter Kent,  GI Williams, ? , Mike Stuart


Eileen Adams, Iris Monks, Peter Kent, GI Williams, ? , Mike Stuart, ? , Barry Bines, Roy Ayling, Colin Heyman, Willie Warr, ?

Celebrating Mike (Ginger) Stuart’s 20 Years of Service, 1967


Gill Holmes (L) and Sue Pilgrim, 1976

Dave Bagley, Pete Stevens, David Davies, Iris Monks,
Eileen Adams and Roger Davies, early 1980s


Mike Hornsby & Susan Smith, early 1980s


Margaret Brown, Alison Deans, Ron Lewin, Prue Blakemore(?), Margaret Welch, Norman Waterman, Tony Bowry and John ? at Ron Lewin’s
‘Leaving of Fulmer’, 1983


Dave Bashord, 1987


Jo Hussey (nee) Richings, 1987


Simon Shenton, 1987

Bob Hussey, late 1980s with a fine view of Nigel Gray’s back

Pete Stevens, 1989