At present we have only uploaded a limited number of Fulmer Research Institute (FRI) Newsletters and Annual Reviews together with the 25th Anniversary Review.  More will be added in the coming months.  Please let us know if you have any similar items that we may include here.

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Annual Reviews

25th Anniversary 1946 – 1971 (11Mb)

1968 (3Mb)

1976 (1Mb)

1977 (3Mb)

1979 (3Mb)

1980 (4Mb)

1982 (2Mb)

1983 (4Mb)

1984 (4Mb)










1986 (3Mb)

Newsletters & Updates


The FRI Newsletters and Updates, published at approximately six month intervals, provide an insight into the work carried out at the various Fulmer sites, and abroad.  A selection of the subjects covered is given alongside its individual link.  Each of the files below are approximately 2Mb in size.

The first Fulmer Newsletter, April 1968
1967 Facts and Figures, Metal-Alumina Laminates, Chromium Research, Prospects for 1968, Structure of Liquid Metals



Work for Industry, Anti-Corrosive Oil, Aluminium Lead Bearings, Retirement of Dr P Gross, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Forrest Thermal Fatigue Machine.



Dr W.E. Duckworth Director Designate, Chromium Research, Testing of Windows, Fracture Toughness Testing, Mr B.A. Hatt, Refractory Metal Deposition.



Fulmer Materials Optimizer




Industrial Training and Technology Transfer (Pakistan Metals Advisory Service), Education Project, Training R&D Managers in Project Planning, Fulmer Materials Optimiser.



Technical Services to Industry including Diesel Engine Failure, Safety in Toys, Fitness-for-Purpose Testing, Award of OBE to Dr VE Yarsley.



CVD Coating – a Review of Fulmer Technology, Piezoelectric & Pyroelectric PVdF Films, IFWIM Testing of Reinforced Plastics, Scub-Resistant Intumescent Paints, New Technical Manager for Fulmer Singapore.


Mathematical Modelling and its Applications, Computerised Copolymerisation, Yarsley Quality Assurance Accreditation Service.



Technological Consultancy, Design Appraisal Service for Plastic Products and Moulds, YQAF Quality Assured Firm, Fire Consultancy, Fulmer Prize Winners.




CBI Guide Lines on Innovation, MIDAS (Semi-Solid Shaping Process), On-Line Wear Debris Monitor, Fulmer’s Financial Achievements.




Sir John Collier F Eng- new Fulmer Chairman, Magnets and Magnetic Materials, Magnetic Media Abrasivity, Super-Conducting Magnets, Opening of the Trafford Building at Fulmer-Yarsley’s Redhill Site.



Significant progress reorienting business. Financial performance disappointing. Confidence in the validity of the general business strategy remains high. Fulmer’s range of technological services to industry was strengthened.



Fire rated curtain walls for Broadgate, Manufacturers wary of new valve test, Design services for the construction industry, Fulmer introduces new toxicity testing service for toys, Cutting heat loss in Buildings..